Feelyn’s Guide to The Perfect Vacay

Feelyn’s Guide to The Perfect Vacay

Finally, it feels like we are reaching the light at the end of the tunnel, and the borders are opening back up again! At Feelyn, we dream about those days where you wake up, and put your favourite bikini on, head down to the pool, and drink those morning mimosas. Since Spring Break is approaching soon, and people are starting to book those last minute trips, we wanted to compile our favourite ‘vacay essentials’ to make the best out of your long awaited trip!

First, and what we think is the most essential, your bathing suits. For those tropical locations, we recommend our sage and rose coloured bikinis. Not only are the colours bright and vibrant for a beach vacay, but the styles they come in are perfectly adjustable and customizable to fit your needs. Whether it be lounging on the beach, trying to avoid bad tan lines, or water sports, the variety of ways to tie these bikinis will cover every possibility of activity. Add our Ava Sarongs for an easy way to add a little more detail to your beach outfit - perfect for throwing on to. 

On the other hand, ski and snow getaways seem to be popular this year! Although you might not choose to sunbathe in the snow, a bathing suit is absolutely essential for those post-ski day dips in the hot tub. For this experience, we recommend our
coco coloured bikinis. If you had a rough day on the slopes, this gorgeous brown colour will get you back to feeling confident and wonderful while relaxing after a tiring day!

Finally, and possibly the most important, the C
eline one piece will be a lifesaver on your vacation. Wear it by itself or matched with our Ava Sarong for a classy day look. Swap it for a bodysuit and pair it with some heels and some cute shorts, skirts, or jeans for the perfect date night or girls night!

Last but not least - accessories! Sunglasses are essential, paired with a large round sunhat, is the perfect beach look. A cute little tote bag, some gold jewelry, and a slick back bun, are truly everything you need for your perfect vacation! Now, all you need to do is book that trip you have been manifesting. Life is too short, and we have the most flattering and affordable bathing suits to ensure you are all set for your long-awaited vacay!

Written by: Amy Stewart

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