Whether you're going to spend your summer with the girls at the beach, tanning in the backyard, or on vacay, one thing is promised- hot girl summer is upon us. But don't worry babe, Feelyn Swim is here to share the tips, tricks, and all the tea on bikini shopping. Get in, we are going shopping! 

 Pro Tip 1: Quality comes first, always. 

Buying a bikini because it is super trendy is great, but will that bikini stand the test of time and steer clear of our favourite elements; sun, salt, sunscreen, tanning oil, and chlorine? The faded colour and twisted stitching is not the best look, babe. A high quality swimsuit is a must have investment piece that will always look great. Hint: High quality fabrications will be thick and super soft (Hey Feelyn Swim!). 

Pro Tip 2: Get what makes you most comfortable, and don't settle.  

Comfort (and confidence) is always the goal. One of the most searched questions on the web is 'should I size up in swimwear' or 'should I size down in swimwear', and the answer truly depends on what makes you feel your very best self. If you want a more snug bikini, try sizing down. If you want more coverage, try sizing up. One thing is certain- don't settle if your bikini doesn't fit you like a glove. 

Pro Tip 3: Know your style and elevate it. 

Stripes? Poka dots? Rhinestones? Believe it or not, the bikini you wear on your next beach date tells a story about who you are. Everything from the silhouette, colour, and style of your bikini should speak to your style. Remember be trendy, but always classy. 

Can't wait to see you at the beach bar drinking a bottomless margarita in your new Feelyn Swim bikini!



Written by: Dee Tassielli


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