Three Things Feelyn is Doing To Change the Swimwear Industry

Three Things Feelyn is Doing To Change the Swimwear Industry


When Feelyn first began, co-founders Gilda and Dee were determined to create a brand that was more than just the products they sold. Along with the products, Feelyn wanted to contribute to the ongoing progression and shift within the swimwear industry of acceptance and inclusivity. For many years, swimwear was only promoted on the so-called “bikini body” models, displaying this idea that in order to look good in a bikini, people should be trying to look like the models. As we all know, all of our bodies are unique and different, and this unattainable image was simply creating negativity within the realms of body confidence, fashion, swimwear, and female appearances. However, as more and more people are recognizing that these standards should no longer be considered the “desired” size or shape, and more women are speaking up about the lack of representation, Feelyn wanted to contribute to breaking down the stigma surrounding swimwear, and create a brand that supported all things positivity, inclusivity, acceptance, and body confidence. As such, here are 3 main ways that Feelyn is doing this day-in-day-out, as a small swimwear business.

Firstly, Feelyn is dedicated to showcasing our products on a variety of models. Whether it be on the website, or the influencers used on instagram, Feelyn is consistently conscious to make sure there are women of all shapes and sizes to promote our swimwear. Not only do we do this to show how amazing our products look on the models and influencers (and customers!), but also to make the models feel represented in the industry, and all potential customers to feel represented too. Showcasing an abundance of body variety and diversity is creating an increased sense of inclusivity and acceptance online and within the swimwear industry.

Secondly, Feelyn ensures an inclusive size range for all products. This allows customers, models, and influencers of all sizes and shapes to feel great in our products, and feel represented by our brand. Too often, swimwear companies do not have a wide enough range of sizes, and we feel that this size discrimination had to be eliminated from the start of Feelyn. We truly want everyone to be able to wear our products, and do not want size to prevent anyone experiencing this.

Finally, we wanted to create styles that are customizable and flattering. In order to embrace and celebrate the uniqueness and originality of all bodies, we understand that some people prefer different styles to suit their shape. As such, our bikinis can be customized and tied in ways to compliment our customer’s shapes and curves. Whether it be thicker ties, thinner ties, higher-rise bottoms, or bandeau, Feelyn guarantees a variety of products to allow for all customers to feel represented, confident, and beautiful in whichever style they choose.


Written by: Amy Stewart 

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