Swim to Spooooky: How to Style Your Bathing Suits for Halloween

Swim to Spooooky: How to Style Your Bathing Suits for Halloween


Halloween season is right around the corner, and finding a last minute costume can be stressful. Trying to find something different, original, but also flattering, is often hard when under a time crunch. Not to mention how easy it is to spend a fortune on new costumes, when you will likely only ever wear them once!

So, we have some recommendations for you, to transform our flattering, luxurious, and stylish swimwear, into a stunning Halloween costume. We believe that you can feel fabulous and confident in our swimwear on and off the beach!

Firstly, our gorgeous Celine One Piece has to be a staple in your swimwear collection, and clothing closet too! The flattering bow around the waist, soft material, and high waisted style is truly gorgeous on all bodies, and its versatility means it can be used as a bodysuit too. Style it with a black tutu and elegant black mask for ‘Black Swan”, add some leather pants for ‘Sandy from Grease’, or add accessories and a big black witch hat to mirror Kendall Jenner’s effortless ‘Black Witch’ costume. This one piece can be used as a staple for any black Halloween costume, and really can be paired with anything to make a stunning, yet on theme, costume.

Secondly, our Sole Top in white, and white Ava Sarong, can be used to pair with any white costume. Whether that be a swan, angel, bride (add in our Feelyn bridal set!), or ballerina, our sarong and bikini top can be used as the base of any costume, you just need to add the extra accessories to make the costume really stand out! Likewise, our pink bathing suit tops (Aria and Elle) can be used as the base of costumes such as fairies, mermaids, Minnie the Mouse, Barbie, the list can go on, just add in the accessories and bottoms, and you have yourself a stunning costume!

As you can see, Halloween does not have to be a stressful time! It should be fun, but you should also be excited to wear your costume, and feel confident in it. Our swimwear is flattering on the beach, so why can’t it be on the Halloween stage too? Simply by adding some accessories, pants, or skirts to Feelyn swimwear, you have an effortless Halloween costume. The possibilities for costumes truly are endless when it comes to our swimwear, and so we cannot wait to see you all rocking our swim this Halloween season!

Written by: Amy Stewart 

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