How to start choosing bikinis that work for OUR bodies

How to start choosing bikinis that work for OUR bodies

Something we love to embrace at Feelyn, is the beauty of variety in body shapes and sizes from all of our customers. However, with these wonderful differences, it can be difficult to find the perfect bikini that you truly feel emphasizes your beauty and body type. Too often, we find ourselves purchasing swimwear that doesn’t make us feel confident in ourselves, but is simply a bikini that is trending, in style, or popular in the media. At Feelyn, we ensure that there truly is a bikini for all bodies, and so we would love to share our tips on how to find a bikini that works for YOUR body, and why we think it is so important.

First of all, identify what makes you feel beautiful, what you want from a bikini, and find that look! For those of us with larger hips, trying out a bottom with a high-waisted feature, can draw attention to the shape in your hips. If you love them, celebrate those curves, girl! For those of us with larger busts, and often naturally broader shoulders, a plunging neckline, and thicker straps, can really add definition to the chest and upper-body area. For those of us with a smaller bust, looking for styles with minimal padding allows such flexibility and opportunity to explore fun and different bikini top styles, so enjoy wearing bikinis with more intricate detailing that don’t necessarily require significant support. For those smaller hips, bottoms with side ties can create such a flattering look, as the detailing creates more shape and definition in the lower body area.

At Feelyn, we know all of these looks can be achieved with our range of swimwear. If it's bikini bottoms with ties you are looking for, we have you covered with our ELLE bottoms! Add a pop of colour with our rose colour, to really accentuate those hips! For those looking to emphasize the chest and bust area, our SOLE top can be crossed along the chest, or tied for a plunging neckline. Our SOLE bottoms (high waisted and thick bands) are also a great way to draw attention to the hips, and define those awesome curves. Of course, those with smaller busts can add more detailing by changing up the straps and ties in our ARIA and ELLE tops. The versatility in styling these bikinis is endless, which is why we have so passionately created them! We want to ensure that you choose the look and style that makes you love your bikini body just the way it is!

Embrace your unique beauty, rock that bikini, and glow with confidence xx


Written by: Amy Stewart 

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